• Thank You for UCCFS, ANQ and Ted Talks

    Thank You for UCCFS, ANQ and Ted Talks

    "Hi Nat'l Prez!!! I never said thank you for the opportunity to speak. I really appreciate it! This was an out pouring experience for me. Ever since I was younger I had visions of me speaking in front of people. Every time that I had those visions I couldn't believe that it was me because it's the complete opposite of who I think that I am.  I'm very quiet and I'm introverted. But, on that day when I spoke I became that person in my visions. I was that person with confidence and not worried what people thought about me. That is why I said this was an out pouring experience for me because God turned me over and He  Poured Me Out and I know that when God pours me out  something pure comes out of me. ANQ is helping in developing me to be who I'm called to be. So, thank you Nat'l Prez for being led by the Holy Spirit and letting God use you as a vessel in choosing me to speak! I love you so much and I thank God for you being in my life!

    Cheri Glover
    Alpha Nu Omega, Inc.

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